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Memory Walk, Nottingham

This year I took part in a very rainy Memory Walk in Nottingham for the Alzheimer's Society. Me and my brother took part for everyone but especially our dad. Our dad was diagnosed at around the age of 65 with Alzheimer's, so it's been a couple of years. It's been hard for everyone but especially my mum. The walk is as much for her as it is for my dad.

I'll most likely to be taking part every year to help raise more money. Here's a brief overview of how the money helps the Alzheimer's Society and you can still donate here if you'd like to! 



So we had a few days in Barcelona and it was great. Nice and warm and lots going on. We stayed in the Vila de Gracia area and it was full of places to eat, small independent shops and even a design studio with a cool door and wall doodling outside. It's pretty close to the main areas in Barcelona too and the metro so would recommend. 

There's loads of cool street art and architecture to check out. Gaudi central. All pretty cool and worth a look. If you want to go to Park Guell I would definitely book tickets in advance! They let a certain number in a day with time slots and the walk up is brutal if you end up waiting like 3 hours to get in. You can buy them online and have the ticket on your phone. 

Also the design museum which covered pretty much all bases of design covered, furniture, ceramics, architecture, graphic design and fashion. Nice work, nice building and nice leaflets!

Cosmocaixa which had an awesome flooded rainforest and was only like 4euros so worth a peek! It's up some big hills but there's some nice views once you're up there too.

It's pretty easy to get around and if you can get a Barcelona travel card before it's worth doing. You'll have all access to all transport links even from the airport so that's the only thing you'll need. If you aren't there for long or just sticking to the metro you can get a 'T-10' ticket which means you get 10 trips. 

That's about all the knowledge I can pass on an here's some stuffs for your enjoyment. Side note: Leave your selfie stick at home because you look fucking ridiculous. 


Farewell GSA

I said goodbye to my in house design job at the trust by completing this massive mural for a local primary school. Considering I'd never done one before and it was all freehand -- including the type! -- I was pretty pleased with the result. Here's the finished piece as well as one of me lurking for scale if nothing else! Onto pastures new.


My Precious

Set of Hobbit and LOTR prints by Matt Taylor pretties now up on the wall <3


Whale of a time ...

Doodling some sea life in preparation for a mural at a primary school within the Trust. There's two in the pipeline now and I've never really done one before! Hopefully they'll go well but it's definitely a mix of nerves and excitement of doing something a bit different. Wish me luck!


Marketing Diploma

So, this is what I've been doing lately! Spending my evenings learning about digital marketing! A recent project at work spurred me on to learn more on the more data driven, technical aspect of digital marketing. Annoyingly I got one mark off a distinction! Same with my degree, one mark but alas - I did well so go me!

This was a foundation CPD accredited course and it was alright. Some of the lessons were a bit too basic I think, but then again I have some experience working with a marketing team. The more interesting parts for me were looking at Google analytics and seeing how data is gathered. I will go through my notes and try to pass on some of the bits I found useful. I think it will refresh my memory and maybe I can help share some basic knowledge on the way.

There is a higher level course available which says it gets into the usage which I think would feel a bit more confident analysing data and so on. I will see what happens! I don't want to go too marketing but I always think it's good to know!

jess-bright-design-marketing diploma

Oh! and while I remember, one of the questions from the mid course assignments (I think) had one question on and it got marked as partially wrong. I thought that was a bit unfair and a bit dumb honestly. Here it is anyway, judge for yourself! Not sure how you would cut yourself off from the world if marketing is your day job!


When you don't want to leave the house ...

Draw! Drawing a birthday card up for Isaac as I don't want to leave the house in the rain!

Happy Birthday, Mice day, Best fishes etc.


This year we had a few days in Berlin - a great city for design and pottering. Here's a few bits and bobs from a long the way including the Bauhaus, Berlin Gallery, Topography of Terror, Tiergarten and one of my favourites the Buchstabenmuseum (letters museum).

The one place I thought I'd enjoy more is the East Side Gallery. Some of the art was great but a lot really wasn't, in my opinion. It might be all the people posing and scratching their names on the art work that just made me feel a bit mad being there. There are A LOT more interesting things to see and do but I suppose it's one of those things you 'ought to see'.


A bit of very quick sketching of ideas for book characters! 


We went to Amsterdam not long after the reopening of the Rijksmuseum which was quite exciting as it had been closed for so long. Here's a look back at what was going on there! A lot of great buildings, windmills and art to see. One of the best places we visited was The Stedelijk Museum - full of great contemporary design and art.