Marketing Diploma

So, this is what I've been doing lately! Spending my evenings learning about digital marketing! A recent project at work spurred me on to learn more on the more data driven, technical aspect of digital marketing. Annoyingly I got one mark off a distinction! Same with my degree, one mark but alas - I did well so go me!

This was a foundation CPD accredited course and it was alright. Some of the lessons were a bit too basic I think, but then again I have some experience working with a marketing team. The more interesting parts for me were looking at Google analytics and seeing how data is gathered. I will go through my notes and try to pass on some of the bits I found useful. I think it will refresh my memory and maybe I can help share some basic knowledge on the way.

There is a higher level course available which says it gets into the usage which I think would feel a bit more confident analysing data and so on. I will see what happens! I don't want to go too marketing but I always think it's good to know!

jess-bright-design-marketing diploma

Oh! and while I remember, one of the questions from the mid course assignments (I think) had one question on and it got marked as partially wrong. I thought that was a bit unfair and a bit dumb honestly. Here it is anyway, judge for yourself! Not sure how you would cut yourself off from the world if marketing is your day job!