Allana Davison

Allana Davison also known as Allanaramaa, is a YouTuber who talks about beauty, fashion and life for her followers. With now more than 650,000 subscribers she came to me for help with unifying her visual brand. This included various logo formats for social platforms, a colour palette and repeat patterns to feature on video thumbnails and future packaging aspirations.

ClientAllana Davison
Year — 2020

Allana had quite an open brief and I worked up a couple of styles based on her moodboards which were quite varied in taste. It was decided that a more neutral palette was the preferred option paired with a chunky logotype for a simply and classic look.

I provided all the assets to Allana's team with a style guide on the best usage for each elements for digital and print. The brand is now stylish and consistent which will allow Allana to grow her brand even more than she already has.