Clearpoint Strategy Illustrations

ClearPoint Strategy is a web-based balanced scorecard, dashboard, and performance management solution for business. The dashboard allows you to customise the language and colours to match your brand needs and reporting processes. Their software is used effectively across numerous sectors including nonprofits, healthcare and local government.

Year — 2020

I was asked to create a series of illustrations to show a narrative relating to different product solutions they offer on their website. I was provided with a basic written narrative from Clearpoint for the page and crated 3 illustrations for each.

One example was how Clearpoint can help clients reach their team goals - in this case shown by reaching the summit of a mountain. Stage one is identify the goals (the summit), stage 2 organising and planning and then finally reaching the team goal at the summit.

We decided to move away from the explainer type illustrations and went with a more human approach with a story approach. We started out by looking at the story they wanted to show on each page and I developed black and white sketches to see what we'd want to change. Then I developed the colour option using their brand colours.

I was asked to create some more illustrations for Clearpoint, this time with a family of polar bears. Working together to create a snowman and fish. They were created in the same style and colours as the previous illustrations to add to their website refresh.