CPMG Architects

CPMG is an award-winning firm providing services in architecture, interior design & visualisation.

They design across the UK and around the world, focusing our designs around human needs and supporting growing communities. They work across all sectors building homes and workplaces, producing sustainable solutions, harnessing new technologies, and cultivating health and well-being.

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I've been working with CPMG since 2016 and I’ve helped them develop the visual style of the brand through marketing and promotional items, brochures and visually representing new services, as well as working with website designers with the website redesign project.

I also hand painted a mural celebrating CPMG values and projects they have completed over the last 20 years. The designs were spread over 2 floors, one for each working studio area. The wall was woodchip and made life a little harder drawing and painting but we got there in the end.