Jesse & Florence Boot Mural at Nottingham Island Quarter

Working with the Island Quarter and Conygar Investment Company, the developer behind the £1.4bn regeneration project. I hand painted a four metre wide piece to sit permanently at the Island Quarter site to show the Nottingham pioneers Jesse and Florence Boot. The Island Quarter was the original home of the Boots site and the piece was created to show the history of the site.

ClientThe Island Quarter
Year — 2022

The piece was created as four individual panels created off site and then installed on completiton. The art work was designed to show more of the Boots contributions to Nottingham with the background color being a dark blue to reflect the history and lighter blue to show the Island Quarter of the future.

The design was unanimously agreed as the best suited concept by a panel comprised of Emma Houston, great-granddaughter of Jesse and Florence Boot, Deborah Ware, of The Island Quarter, Sophie Clapp, company archivist for Boots, and Reiss Mallet, artist liaison for The Nottingham Street Art Project.

The design caught the attention of the panel with its bold imagery of the two pioneers, clear messaging and fun style, which brought the piece to life.