Kitty Cafe

Kitty Cafe’s expansion meant that a mis-match brand and interior scheme needed to become more aligned to help them grow. The previously beige logo was replaced with an interchangeble bright, fun design to be used throughout the branding and merchandise. (work created as in-house designer at CPMG)


Working with Kiity Cafe to develop the best merchandise options for the customers. All profits go back in to the cafe and caring for the cats ready for rehoming. Here’s Autumn helping us pick her favourite designs for the merch.


Cats everywhere, world of cats. All themes for merchandise. The main points were carried on from the existing language: Cute cats, good food, happy people and happy cats.

Each location has it’s own little twist so you can collect something different from each location.

0029_KITTY CAFE LEEDS_CPMG20180424_NH1_0029.JPG