K-Pop:Forever Visual Identity

K-Pop:Forever is an upcoming documentary exploring the lack of representation K-pop receives in mainstream awards in the western world, despite it's enormous fanbase. The team behind it is aiming to create a collective platform where fans can share their thoughts on the issue, and help get K-pop the spotlight it deserves.

Year — 2021

I was contacted by the Director of K-Pop:Forever, Jamie, to help her develop a logo and visual identity that could be used to develop a social media presence for the documentary. Jamie told me what inspired her about K-pop, showed me her favourite videos, and provided the brief for something visually bright and fun.

I developed hand drawn type for the main logomark, which progressed from sketches to its final vector form. The large 3D shadow and bold outline was the final touch, resulting in the vibrant look we were looking for.

A few different concepts for patterns and layouts were then created, based on Jamie's favourite videos which you can see here and here. Both videos are very visual, with a wide variety of colours, styles and genres. I also wanted to acknowledge—even if subtly—Korean and Asian roots. In one option I added traditional style cloud illustrations with the colour palette referenced from the TXT video.

The second option was to take the geometric elements of the South Korean flag and make something colourful and bright with a link to the asian origins. The South Korean flag is recognisable and has interesting meanings behind each element linking to nature, the elements and balance.

Being a fan of both options I suggested that we could merge them together just as K-pop mixes styles, genres and visuals. The final visual style has a vibrant mix of colour and shapes that all work as one cohesive ident.