LIT Visual Identity and Brand

LIT works to connect businesses across the cannabis supply chain. The current process is fragmented and complex, LIT intends to change that by rebelling against current cannabis business processes and cannabis stigma. The brand needed to have wide appeal to target B2B and a large range of B2C users so the balance needed to be right for this as well as recreational and medicinal use.

Year — 2021

The main logotype expresses a spark and energy that LIT wanted to bring to the industry. The main logomark is hand drawn and is designed work with and without its lit flame container. The look and feel needed to be rebellious, knowledgeable and authentic. I developed the visual brand with logos, colours and typography to fit in with these 3 core values.

I also developed the art direction, brand voice, illustration style and social media concepts. Social media and promotional items allowed a little more flexibility on the style as they were the customer facing channels. This opened up the graphics to mix in more fun elements for the recreational use market as well as still maintaining the educational knowledge base for medicinal use.

LIT aim to build an engaged cannabis community with education about cannabis as a medicine as well as recreational use across their website and social platforms. Working on promotional graphics and merch can allow the community to grow and share their knowledge and experiences.