Nottingham City Mural Artwork and Print

I was asked to contribute a temporary piece of artwork (25mx8m) to be displayed in Nottingham City Centre. Covering a large portion of what was the Broadmarsh centre while it is undergoing demolition/regeneration to bring a little brightness to the area undergoing work.
Year — 2021

The work is part of a larger street art project working with the Nottingham Project, Nottingham City Council and others. The aim is to improve the look of the city and promote Nottingham initiatives - such as carbon neutral by city by 2028, the street art project, local events and teams. The project is using local creators to add temporary and permanent pieces of work to public realm spaces and make the city centre an attractive and interesting place to visit.

This piece was then scaled down to form a print in A3 and A4 so Nottingham locals and Nottingham lovers to enjoy in there home. They’re available at the Nottingham Tourist Centre, Nottingham Castle and on my Etsy and directly from me via email/DM etc on social media.