Relish School Catering Illustrations

Relish are a team of school caterers that have developed the support model for school partners in the education sector. Relish provide a wide variety of support for schools, one option being a full catering service under the Relish brand within the school.

ClientRelish School Catering
Year — 2020

I was asked to create a series of illustrations to show Relish's values and ethos to display in the school canteens. I created three sets of illustrations covering the themes of sustainability, farm to fork and eating a healthy, varied diet. The panels are intended to be changed each term to keep the space looking fresh and teach students more about food origin and sustainability.

The panels are designed to be scalable to fit in the individual spaces at each school. They are designed to be displayed in sets of three panels at least 1.2mx2.4m. I created an illustration is style that works across all target ages and sits well with Relish's current brand logo and type.