The Well Visual Branding

The Well are an independent charity in Kibworth, Leicestershire. They are a centre for the local community: a place of sanctuary, specialising in support for vulnerable and disadvantaged members. The Well largely generates its own income through their charity shop and a cafe. These aspire to work along an ethical line based on Christian values.

ClientThe Well - Kibworth
Year — 2020

I was asked to help them rebrand and create branded assets for them to promote the good work they're doing in their community. As the shop covers a cafe, retail and prayer and outdoor areas there were smaller elements needed to form the brand under the main logo that was created for them.

The main concept for the logo was to create something that would appeal to both modern and traditional customers and users of the space. There are two main containers for the logo which can be used, the first being a droplet container which is a more literal shape for the well and used mainly in the cafe element. The second container is a radial shape to show the spread of The Well and how they reach out into the community used for the shop and prayer spaces.