Wildlife Corridors with E.ON Energy

E.ON is a European electric utility company based in Essen, Germany. It runs one of the world's largest investor-owned electric utility service providers. It operates in over 30 countries and has over 33 million customers.

I worked with E.ON Energy to build awareness on wildlife corridors and how we can help protect wildlife and biodiversity across Europe. E.ON wanted to share what wildlife corridors are, how they are supporting the restoration of ecosystems and how everyone can create a mini wildlife corridor at home. E.ON are supporting ecosystem restoration across Europe in partnership with UNEP on their Decade on Restoration.

ClientE.ON & Linney Create
Year — 2021

I created illustrations for E.ON's social media campaign on Instagram stories and in the main feed. They were split into three days to include general overview of wildlife corridors & why we need more, E.ON's actions to help and actions we can all take at home to help. These were a mixture of static illustrations and animated gifs. 

The final element of the campaign was a giveaway for customised 'seedboms' for people to create their own wildflower areas in their gardens to make a small corridor for local wildlife. I designed the packaging and the social posts for the competition promotion. 

I was brought on to the project via Linney Create to develop the assets based on a small initial campaign brief by Linney.